Now Playing Tracks has footage of May 29’s violence in Mashtots Park. Once more, the protesters’ attempt to place a tent was faced with police violence, this time - with open beatdowns and injured protesters.

The protesters did not respond to the violence.

Arrested protesters have been released thanks to the actions of jurists among the activists and the intervention of Armenian Revolutionary Federation party’s MPs.


Violence and arrests in Mashtots Park

Police has used violence against us again, arrested six activist and one dismantling brigade member.

Names of the arrested activists (may be more information more):

  1. Yeghia Nersisyan
  2. Arman Yaralyan
  3. Karen Harutyunyan
  4. Gor Hakobyan
  5. Vahram Soghomonyan
  6. Gevorg Safaryan

Brigade member arrested:

Tens of activists injured.

Please, come to Mashtots park to support us if you can, or at least spread this message.

Under the guise of improving the park, authorities have been demolishing the concrete and stone structure of the park. This is the scenario they used while flattening the right wing of the park.

The activists stopped them at the moment of destroying the small basin. Stopped them without physical conflict. The police was… explaining the breaches of law (for example, the noise and dust under the windows of the maternity clinic - “there have been worse noises there”, a police lieutenant has replied).

More videos incoming.

An open letter to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet

Peace to you.

I would like to send my salutations to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, who is well known and respected in Buddhist and other spiritual communities of Armenia.

This is a plea for support and guidance for the eco-activists in Mashtots park, Yerevan, Armenia, who have been fighting for their rights and the nature of Armenia - facing police violence and harsh weather conditions, they have stood their ground for about three months and practiced complete non-violence and cared for every living being in the park, including the police officers.

Your word of support and prayers would lift our spirits and your advice would help us to stay true.

With due respect and adoration,

Bayandur Pogosyan.

P.S. #SaveMashtotsPark movement is neither political nor nationalistic in nature. More information can be obtained in our English-language blog -

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